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The loss of certain hormones is the root cause of many age-related conditions. At The Pazio Institute, Alexander Paziotopoulos, MD, FAARFM, helps you stay several steps ahead of age, offering innovative anti-aging and age reversal programs to keep you young. You can enjoy the many benefits of hormone replacement therapy, including the end of chronic symptoms like vaginal dryness or erectile dysfunction, and the restoration of your energy and youthful appearance, by booking an appointment with the regenerative practice in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago. Find out more about hormone replacement therapy by calling The Pazio Institute or booking a consultation online.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

How does hormone therapy slow the aging process?

As you grow older, your body’s natural production of hormones begins to decline, resulting in a number of common age-related conditions. The loss of certain hormones can have a negative impact on your physical health and emotional well-being.

By providing your body with a steady stream of replacement hormones, you can alleviate symptoms common with low hormone levels.

What hormones are used in anti-aging medicine?

While all hormones are vital for the overall functionality of your body, the reduction in certain hormones causes significant changes in the body, influencing both your health and longevity.

Dr. Paziotopoulos offers a variety of hormones, including estrogen and testosterone, in replacement therapy to provide both men and women what their bodies need to function optimally. These hormones may include synthetic hormones created in a lab that closely resemble the natural structure of your own hormones.

Bioidentical hormones are also available, which come from plant sources. These hormones are structurally identical to your own hormones, reducing your risk for side effects while increasing your chances of successful treatment.

The goal of hormone replacement therapy is to restore your hormone levels to that of your youth, helping you to enjoy the long-term benefits of renewed health and vitality.

What can I expect during hormone replacement therapy?

Hormones are available in a variety of forms and Dr. Paziotopoulos recommends many hormone therapies that you take at home. However, if he prescribes testosterone replacement pellet therapy, you’ll need to come into the office for placement.

Pellet therapy requires Dr. Paziotopoulos to surgically place pellets just under the surface of your skin, usually near your hip. The pellets deliver a steady stream of hormones into your body, effecting rebalancing your natural levels to alleviate your symptoms.

For other therapies, you can expect to come in for a visit to learn about your treatment plan and how to use the hormone replacements you’re using.

What kind of testing do I need for hormone therapy?

Prior to starting your hormone therapy, Dr. Paziotopoulos performs a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health.

Blood tests help him understand how your body metabolizes hormones and can help identify signs of cancer and other diseases affecting your health.

Unlike other physicians, Dr. Paziotopoulos also tests for toxins in your body, which can interfere with hormone therapies.

Learn more about the hormone therapies available at The Pazio Institute by scheduling a consultation online or calling the West Loop office.

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